Pink Fire Pointer Transitioning to Natural Hair: 3 Natural Hair Growth Myths Revealed!

Transitioning to Natural Hair: 3 Natural Hair Growth Myths Revealed!

Natural hair growth is an exciting journey if you strap yourself in for the ride. However, riding unrealistic expectations, will definitely leave you at risk for entering the red zone.

Don't be a victim of misinformation. Having unrealistic expectations will set you on a disappointing path, which will make your natural hair care journey an unhappy one. Let's discuss three myths that some naturals torture themselves with when they are growing out their hair.

Myth #1: Hair Grows 6 inches a year!

Your hair might grow 8 inches a year or 2 inches a year or even 6 inches. However, it is important to remember that 6 is an average number not a rule of thumb.

Averages are created when totaling and dividing a whole bunch of numbers. So don't get stuck on six or you will be frustrated on your journey.

For many years, I cut my hair because I didn't see the six inches a year that I believed was a factual guideline. So I resolved myself to thinking my hair has just stopped growing. However, I was adhering to the 6 inch growth standard and not the three to four inch standard of what my hair was actually doing. Find out your hair growth rate, not someone else's.

Myth #2: Since Natural Hair breaks combs and barrettes, it must be tough!

I have broken my share of barrettes when trying to style the mass that is my thick hair. However, just like my hair can break barrettes, my locks can be broken by weak combs, and poorly made styling tools.

The tighter the curl of natural hair, the more delicate it is. Tight curls are ribbon shaped rather than oval or circular. So there is a weak point at every twist and turn of a curl. So gentle handling is a must.

Combing must be done carefully or rips, snags and breakage will occur.

Myth #3: Natural hair is easier to take care of than relaxed hair.

One is not necessarily easier, but rather being natural requires a new perspective. With natural hair, you have to see yourself as your hair's bodyguard. You must protect it, moisturize it and decrease unnecessary handling. So you will set your hair at night, decrease the use of heated tools or wear protective styles that will aid in length retention.

Also wash days aren't quick and easy, but are rather quality time spent with your hair. This is the time that you can look at your hair and its growth, and health and decide if the techniques you have been using are effective.

So now you know.

And knowing the truth will set you on the right path to growing the natural hair you want.